Friday, January 18, 2013

Focus question: How do new technologies create new opportunities for teaching and learning?
No matter which way you turn, technology surrounds you. Whether it is a phone, computer, or TV, almost every child has an electronic device at their house. What would a person in this century do if one day we did not have the use to go on a computer or have access to internet? How does one survive? Many people use the internet to get access to the “real world”. Internet to some people is like breathing. People stay connected with their friends, other use it for business usage and some pay bills.
For teachers, it is all about catching the attention of their students and teaching them new things. If a teacher was to stand up in front of a class and read and teach out a book, you would most likely have half the students not paying any attention. When teaching a student, technology is a great way to do so. There are many ways a teacher can use technology to improve their teaching methods. Instead of reading through a text book, you the internet to start up a class discussion about the lesson plan. When handing out an assignment for a student to do, tell them to include a video make power points.
Feedback from a teacher is important to a student. The smile face on the paper is just not cutting it anymore! Emails for example can be a tool for a teacher can use to send feedback to a student. You can always send them a webpage, hyperlink, etc. to show them how they can improve in the class. Sending them notes and homework assignments if they missed class is another great reason emails can be a helpful tool. Have students put the internet into good use, instead of only using it for playing video games, let’s have them use it for educational purposes!

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  1. You make some great observations about the amount of technology in our world and the connection that technology can impact teaching. I also like that you included important element of feedback - that is often overlooked, but it is so critical. Using technology to give feedback is a great way to keep the 'conversation' of learning between students and teachers going! :)

    Rather than put just a URL in your blog post, you can embed it (look for directions in module 1) or hyperlink it. That way your blog becomes more 'alive'!

    Missing the Tech Tool element for the assignment and not sure you had the Summary, but did give you credit for that one.