Wednesday, January 23, 2013

chapter 2 focus question 7

Focus question 7: How can students express their creativity using technology?
 Technology can be used in many aspects through out the classroom. Their are many types of learning methods including visual learning, feedback, express creativity; when it comes to technology used in the classroom.

 There are many ways a student can express themselves through technology, one way i would focus on is being creative with their work. Making an assignment exciting and being able to put their input and art work into an assignment makes a student want to do their work, it makes it more exciting. They have the options to make a video and put it in their powerpoint; they have the option to edit and put graphics into their work, and make it unique as every student is. They could also put sounds effects or the music they like to listen to. It also has been sown that students that who used technology such as a laptop as part of a writing precess have done better on exams and tests.

Technology is a great source in the classroom. Students can do group assignments, read feedback, and be able to express themselves. No student is alike, everyone is different and unique thus so should be their work. To ask a student to get up and read off an index card is redundant and quite frankly boring. Give a student a computer they have the world in their hand. Allow them to be themselves and show you what they have to offer.

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  1. Great addition of relevant video - if you find videos out on YouTube (and so many are these days!), it is very easy to embed and attribution comes along automatically with a link! Allowing creative products as part of student learning is such an important aspect - not only for personalization, but also for student motivation and engagement!